Win32 Builds for Golden Cheetah (And Aerolab!)

Thanks to Gareth Coco, Windows users now have a constant stream of fresh win32 builds for Golden Cheetah.

Get Golden Cheetah 1.4 Dev with all the latest goodies including Aerolab) here!    It’s just a dev release, but you’ll find this version of Golden Cheetah is chock-full of terrific new features, including a comprehensive Metrics module, [...]

Aerolab: A Sneak Peak at GoldenCheetah's Upcoming Virtual Wind Tunnel

As GoldenCheetah prepares for its upcoming release, I wanted to keep you all posted about the development of the virtual elevation module, Aerolab.  Aerolab is not currently in Golden Cheetah, but I’m hoping it may eventually find its way there.   There’s tons of work still to be done, but at least we [...]