Aerolab: A Sneak Peak at GoldenCheetah's Upcoming Virtual Wind Tunnel

As GoldenCheetah prepares for its upcoming release, I wanted to keep you all posted about the development of the virtual elevation module, Aerolab. ¬†Aerolab is not currently in Golden Cheetah, but I’m hoping it may eventually find its way there. ¬† There’s tons of work still to be done, but at least we [...]

An Effective Rotational Mass Database for Wheels

Thanks to Adrien Gontier of Roues Artisanales and David Linke, I am able to provide you with a unique database of moments-of-inertia and effective rotational masses of a large number of wheelsets. The data allows greater accuracy for VE, a virtual elevation perl script I wrote.

The big surprise is that [...]