You Can Test Drive GoldenCheetah/Aerolab on Windows Right Now!

aerolab_first_patch For those of you who were curious about Aerolab, there’s now a patched Win32 build for it in a development version of Golden Cheetah 1.3.   Thanks to Mark Liversedge for building my patch into GC1.3.   Keep in mind that this is a very early version of the Aerolab module and that it is not currently part of Golden Cheetah.  Aerolab is just a prototype right now, but it will eventually be a complete suite of aerodynamic tools for virtual elevation work.

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Aerolab: A Sneak Peak at GoldenCheetah's Upcoming Virtual Wind Tunnel

gcAs GoldenCheetah prepares for its upcoming release, I wanted to keep you all posted about the development of the virtual elevation module, Aerolab.  Aerolab is not currently in Golden Cheetah, but I’m hoping it may eventually find its way there.   There’s tons of work still to be done, but at least we now have a prototype that works.

To recap, Aerolab is a tool for estimating the coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr) and the aero coefficient of drag (CdA) of a bike/rider combination.  It does this by  reverse-engineering an elevation curve from power data using Newton’s Second Law.   With the help of Justin Knotzke, I’ve put together some of Greg Steele’s ideas into a very preliminary tool.

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An Effective Rotational Mass Database for Wheels

moiThanks to Adrien Gontier of Roues Artisanales and David Linke, I am able to provide you with a unique database of moments-of-inertia and effective rotational masses of a large number of wheelsets. The data allows greater accuracy for VE, a virtual elevation perl script I wrote.

The big surprise is that the larger wheels contribute more than 2kgs to the inertia of the rider and bike. While it’s not going to make or break the VE calculation, it will add an increment — however small — to the accuracy of the calculation.

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This is My New Website!

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new website.

Yes, after years of helping others get online I’ve finally decided to publish myself.   I’m no one special, but I’ll be sharing some of my experiences and thoughts with you from time to time.  There’s no unifying subject or theme for this website except that it’s about the stuff that interests me.  When I’ll feel like venting, I’ll vent.  When I want to share a special experience with you, I’ll write it down here.

So stay tuned and see what’s up on this site every so often.