Damaged HED3’s

Damage to Hed 3 front wheel:

Damage to HED3 rear wheel:

A Half-Pipe Ride Using Aerolab

Half-Pipe Aerolab Test

Puppy Break

This is Babe, Bunny’s best friend.   Albino, trans-gender, autistic, deaf, and killer-cute!

A Puppy Break

This is Bunny, a little grey Siberian female.  She will be joining our household in about 10 days.  I thought she’d look terrific on this website.  :-)

Bunny was borne of Opal and Flash of Kortar Kennels in Kemptville, ON, Canada on March 29th 2010.    Her much older sister, Birdie, is looking forward to her [...]

You Can Test Drive GoldenCheetah/Aerolab on Windows Right Now!

For those of you who were curious about Aerolab, there’s now a patched Win32 build for it in a development version of Golden Cheetah 1.3.   Thanks to Mark Liversedge for building my patch into GC1.3.   Keep in mind that this is a very early version of the Aerolab module and [...]

This is My New Website!

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new website.

Yes, after years of helping others get online I’ve finally decided to publish myself.   I’m no one special, but I’ll be sharing some of my experiences and thoughts with you from time to time.  There’s no unifying subject or theme for this website except that it’s [...]