andy_bio_picQ: Describe Yourself

A: hi!  my name is Andy Froncioni.  i live in Montreal, Canada.  i’m approximately the 3rd happiest person in the world, and i’m lucky enough to know it.

Q: Ok, nice, but what do you do in life?

A: i’m a physicist-turned-computer-scientist-turned-aerospace-engineer-turned-geospatial-analyst, if that’s what you mean.  in real life my interests are endurance sports, helping friends, and playing with anything technical.

lately i’ve been playing with aerolab — a virtual windtunnel module for GoldenCheetah.  i’ve also helped a friend with an online toy store, experimented with javascript widgets, and played with this website.

Q: Do you have any wishes?

A: i guess i’m still looking for the elusive perfect week — a week that has just enough work and just enough play.  if i ever found the perfect week, i would copy-paste it into all the remaining weeks i have.  the funny thing is — i actually think i may find it one day!