RAAM Solo: Pre-Race

Tony O'Keeffe

Tony O'Keeffe

Each year a group of dedicated cyclists leave the beautiful west coast beaches of Oceanside, CA and wind their way eastward by bike. Like, really east — all the way to Annapolis, MD. The total distance is over 3000miles. In the coming days, I’ll be sharing what I can about this experience, through the hardships and the triumphs of a challenge that’s this huge.

For RAAM 2010 I’m lucky enough to be part of Tony O’Keeffe’s Solo RAAM crew.  Needless to say, I’m elated!   The chance to work with the world’s fittest people is a rare opportunity.   I’ll be helping Tony’s coach, Gilbert Ayoub.  Our job is to keep Tony focussed on a steady, low-intensity effort the whole way through.

This morning was tech inspection, and we had the 3 vehicles lined up and ready at 8:30am on a spectacular Oceaside, CA beach.   We have 3 vehicles this year:  an RV, and 2 minivans.    A crew of 10 people will ensure that the vehicles are at Tony’s disposal at any time.   The RV is used primarily by Tony to change, rest, and sleep.   He changes his gear every 100miles or so, to make sure that everything stays nice ‘n clean, if you know what I mean. ;-)    The other 2 vehicles are used by the support crew to stay in constant contact with Tony, and tend to his nutritional and safety needs.

There are so many tiny, fun details of this race that it’s going to take a whole bunch of posts for me to share them with you.   Race start is tomorrow and I’ll be blogging on the road, so stop back and ready, ok?


RAAM Race Site

Tony O’Keeffe’s Website

Gilbert Ayoub’s Coaching Website

Cycle Technique’s Website

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  • Cynthia

    HI Andy!

    Just wanted to send you some good vibes–and a big hug to all–from Montreal. I only cycled 110K on Saturday… and I’m hurtin’! Don’t know how Tony does it…

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