This is What I've Got -- I'm Gonna Do It!

We met an anonymous traveller who was shadowing RAAM for more than 2500 miles of the journey.  Inspired by watching RAAM on television, his unsupported bike ride across the country took him from Grand Junction , Co to Virginia Beach, VA on a mountain bike.  Hats off to this adventurous soul.   In his own [...]

8-Person Team RAAM: Sir Steve Redgrave Crew, 8th Place Post-Race

This is the post-race interview for the Sir Steve Redgrave 8-Person  team, the 8th place finishers at RAAM 2010.    They battled a few hardships, and Sir Steve Redgrave himself was injured.  We wish Steve a quick recovery.   Congratulations to his valiant team on a courageous finish!

Solo RAAM 2010: Tony O'Keeffe, 4th Place

Here is Canadian Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Tony O’Keeffe’s  finisher’s interview at RAAM 2010.  Tony finished in 4th place, cycling more than 3000miles solo.  Tony is a dedicated athlete.  On behalf of the entire crew, congratulations to Tony and to all the courageous RAAM 2010 competitors!

RAAM Solo: Pre-Race

Tony O'Keeffe

Each year a group of dedicated cyclists leave the beautiful west coast beaches of Oceanside, CA and wind their way eastward by bike. Like, really east — all the way to Annapolis, MD. The total distance is over 3000miles. In the coming days, I’ll be sharing what I can about this experience, through [...]