You Can Test Drive GoldenCheetah/Aerolab on Windows Right Now!

For those of you who were curious about Aerolab, there’s now a patched Win32 build for it in a development version of Golden Cheetah 1.3.   Thanks to Mark Liversedge for building my patch into GC1.3.   Keep in mind that this is a very early version of the Aerolab module and [...]

Aerolab: A Sneak Peak at GoldenCheetah's Upcoming Virtual Wind Tunnel

As GoldenCheetah prepares for its upcoming release, I wanted to keep you all posted about the development of the virtual elevation module, Aerolab.  Aerolab is not currently in Golden Cheetah, but I’m hoping it may eventually find its way there.   There’s tons of work still to be done, but at least we [...]

An Effective Rotational Mass Database for Wheels

Thanks to Adrien Gontier of Roues Artisanales and David Linke, I am able to provide you with a unique database of moments-of-inertia and effective rotational masses of a large number of wheelsets. The data allows greater accuracy for VE, a virtual elevation perl script I wrote.

The big surprise is that [...]